Past Committees and Events

Here is a list of some of our prior committee members and conferences. While in the past each conference used to have its own website, this is now PILAS’ official website where all the information about our events and resources have been centralised. 




Committee Members: Armandina Maldonado Deller (President), Mariana Reyes Carranza (Public Relations Manager), Metin Senel (Treasurer), Stephanie Ashton (Inter-University Coordination and Logistics), Aleksandra Kaye (Community Outreach)


(Virtual) Conference “I, We, They, the Other: Deconstructing Identity in Latin America” held online, 1st and 2nd July 2021


Conference in 2020 cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 




Committee Members: Jessica Wax-Edwards (President), Alex Curry (Vice President), Olgierd Iwanczewski (Co-Secretary), Giulia Champion (Co-Secretary/Treasurer), Matthew Barlow (Inter-university coordination and logistics), Gabriel Funari (Community Outreach)


Conference “Communities of Knowledge, Communities of Action” held at the University of York, 4th-5th June 2019




Committee Members: Richard Smith (President/Treasurer), Jo Morley (Vice-President/Secretary), Adjoa Osei (Social Media Coordinator), Grace Gaynor (Events – Conference and PILAS@SLAS), Marta F. Suárez (Events – Workshops and Exhibitions), Luke Grover (Communication & Community Outreach), Jeremy Gunson (Inter-university Coordination and Logistics)


Conference “Contested Narratives Within and Beyond Latin America” held at the University of Liverpool, 3rd-5th June 2018




Committee Members: Lourdes Parra Lazcano (President), Jesús Sanjurjo (Vice President), Valentina Caruso (Secretary and Treasurer), Peter Watson (Communications)


Conference “Discontinuities and Resistance in Latin America” held at the University of Leeds, 26th and 27th June 2017



Committee Members: Laura Sariego-Kluge (President), Diana Morales-Arcila (Vice-President), Héctor Bezares-Buenrostro (Treasurer), Ivone Campos-Luna (Secretary/Communications Officer), Jorge Altamirano-Flores (Communications Officer)


Conference: ‘Latin America in Transformation: Bridging disciplinary boundaries’ held at Newcastle University, 29th and 30th June 2016




Committee Members: Esther Ojulari (President), Megan Ryburn (Vice-President/Liaison Officer), Natalie Hoskin (Secretary/Communications), Pablo Torres (Treasurer), Rachel Randall (Conference website/Social media), Sanna-Mari Tuunanen (Communications)


Conference ‘Latin America on the World Stage’ held at the University of Cambridge, 23rd and 24th June 2015




Committee Members: Jose Angel Garcia (President), Christian Beyle (Secretary), Ramón I. Centeno (Treasurer), Marcia A. Vera Espinoza (Communication Officer), Jennifer Nelson (Webmaster Developer), Mauricio Castaneda (Liaison Officer)


Conference “Where is Latin America heading?” held at the University of Sheffield, 12th-13th June 2014

Photo: Molly Avery. Street art in Xela (Quetzaltenango).