Chair (2021-22)

Patience Schell, Past President of the Society for Latin American Studies, University of Aberdeen

Steering Committee

Patience Schell, Past President of SLAS (University of Aberdeen)


Linda Newson (CLACS, IMLR, University of London) 

Peter Baker (University of Stirling) 


David Doyle (University of Oxford)

Ex-officio members

President of the Society for Caribbean Studies

Raymond Laureano 


President of the Society for Latin American Studies

Thea Pitman (University of Leeds)


Institutions interested in joining the Standing Conference should fill in the form, and email it to the Chair, Patience Schell (University of Aberdeen),

Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, IMLR: Ainhoa Montoya

Institute of the Americas, UCL: Katherine Saunders-Hastings

Kings College, UoL: Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho

Newcastle University: Patricia Oliart & Nick Morgan

University of Aberdeen: Margaret Bolton

University of Bristol: Jo Crow and Rachel Randall

University of Cambridge: Felipe Hernández

University of Edinburgh: Soledad García Ferrari and Julie Cupples

University of Exeter: Katie Brown

University of Glasgow: Mo Hume and Eamon McCarthy

University of Hull: Paul McAleer

University of Leeds: Rebecca Jarman 

University of Liverpool: Niamh Thornton and Marieke Riethof

University of Manchester: Peter Wade and Ignacio Aguiló

University of Oxford: Eduardo Posada Carbó

University of Reading: Claudia Murray and Cherilyn Elston

University of Sheffield: Philip Swanson

University of Stirling: Peter Baker

University of Swansea: Lloyd Davies

University of Warwick: Benjamin Smith

University of Westminster: Liz Harvey-Kattou



The Standing Conference was established in 1966 to coordinate the development of Latin American Studies in the UK.



The mission of the Standing Conference is to provide a forum for collaboration between member institutions on issues of strategic importance to the field of Latin American Studies, and on their behalf to represent it to outside bodies, including research councils and government policymakers. The Standing Conference is recognised by HEFCE as a Learned Society.


Membership and Chairmanship

Membership of the Standing Conference is open to one representative of any UK institution where teaching and/or research on Latin America is undertaken by five or more scholars, in one or more departments or disciplines. Applications for membership should be sent to the Chair of the Standing Conference; formal approval will be by majority vote at the next scheduled meeting. Automatic membership will be granted to the President of the Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS) and the Chair of the Society for Caribbean Studies (SCS). The Standing Conference is chaired by the Past President of SLAS, or, in his or her place, the current Vice-President. The Chair is advised by a Steering Committee elected by the members of the Standing Conference.



Meetings of the Standing Conference normally take place once a year, in the autumn. Meetings will normally be hosted by the Chair’s home institution, which will provide secretarial and some financial support to supplement that provided by SLAS. All members are eligible to vote. Where a binding decision requires a vote of members, this will be on the basis of a majority of those present.


Agendas will be circulated to members in advance, as will summary notes of discussions and actions agreed at the previous meeting.



Finances will be monitored by the SLAS Treasurer and will be audited annually by the independent examiner of SLAS.


Photo: Molly Avery. Street art in Xela (Quetzaltenango).