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We'll be organising different Work-in-Progress sessions (online) throughout the year. Are you Researching Latin America from the social sciences and humanities? Then don't miss the opportunity to participate in our future sessions!  


To register for our first and second sessions of 2023, please click here

Don't forget, these sessions are tailor-made for you, so don't hesitate to suggest topics to discuss. Just fill in the form on our registration link.

Open Books

Work-In-Progress January 2023: Literature Reviews

Have you read so many papers that you can’t see the wood for the trees anymore? Want another pair of eyes to have a look at what you have written? Register for our first Work-In-Progress session in 2022-2023!


The first session will take place in January 2023, and will focus on one of our everyday struggles as PhD researchers and postgraduate students: literature reviews and theoretical chapters.


During these sessions, we read each other's drafts and provide feedback.If you decide to take part in January's Work-In-Progress session, we will need your draft by mid-December 2022, giving other participants time to read it. Don't worry, it doesn't need to be polished!


Not working on your literature review, but interested in what other people are working on? Register as a reader and provide the other participants with feedback

Work-In-Progress February 2023: Free Discussion Topic

The second session of our work-in-progress will take place in February 2023.

Do you need feedback on your literature review or a paper/chapter of your thesis? Register on our link before the end of January 2023. 


Are you interested in what other people are working on? Register as a reader and provide the other participants with feedback!


Work-In-Progress May 2023: 

Latin American Studies

The third session of our work-in-progress will take place in half May 2023.

Are you also back to writing after our PILAS conference 2023? Or are you a postgraduate research student in Latin American Studies interested in what other postgrads are researching? Feel free to join our third work-in-progress session. 


During this session, we'll discuss each other's writing and offer constructive feedback. You can take part as a writer, reader, or both.


We ask you to send in your paper/article/chapter by 30 April, but don't worry: it doesn't need to be perfect!

Register here

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions about our Work-In-Progress, you can contact Juan Luis ( or Elisabeth (

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