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“Coloniality, Autonomy, and Emancipation in Latin America”
29 March 2023
Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

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Keynote Speaker

Roberta Bacic, Conflict Textiles Curator

"Arpilleras: Textile testimony, resistance and  archival evidence"

Roberta Bacic is a Chilean Human Rights advocate and researcher living in Northern Ireland. Since 2007 she has curated more than 160 international exhibitions of arpilleras and associated events in museums, universities, art galleries, embassies and community spaces worldwide. Over time, these exhibitions have expanded from Chilean arpilleras focused on the Pinochet dictatorship, to include quilts and other textile narratives of loss, resistance, testimony, protest and healing from around the world. The use of textile language in contested spaces has been at the centre of her curatorial work.

You can access her work at CAIN Ulster University, which holds and documents the Conflict Textiles collection. The material collection currently comprises over 400 documented textiles.

If you want to know more about the Conflict Textiles project visit their Twitter and Youtube sites.

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Get to Know Us

You can find the PILAS 2023 Conference programme here.

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