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SLAS Statement on reduction to UKRI’s ODA-funded budgets

March 2021

The Society for Latin American Studies condemns the significant reduction to UKRI’s Official Development Assistance (ODA)-funded budgets for international research.

ODA-funded research in Latin America has played an important role in addressing global challenges, including through The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and Newton Fund. SLAS members have worked with institutional and community partners in Latin America to address long-term inequalities and to create more inclusive societies in the future. These projects have built upon strong relationships of trust and mutual support and it is inconceivable that these commitments may be reneged upon.

SLAS calls on the UK Government to reverse the proposed cuts, which would leave UK research institutions unable to fulfil agreements with overseas partners who are reliant upon receiving the full value of agreed allocations, many of which have already been written into contracts. Relationships of trust built up over many years between UK researchers and institutions in Latin America will be damaged, with significant, long-term consequences for the standing of UK universities in the region.

SLAS urges the UK Government to renew its commitment to supporting research in Latin America and elsewhere in the Global South that aims to achieve a safer and more equitable world.

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