Aims and Objectives 2021-2022

  • Continue to grow the visibility of PILAS with a particular commitment to engaging with postgraduate students outside the United Kingdom. To do so, we will increase our social media and email presence and emphasise that we are here to be contacted by all postgraduate students working on Latin America, regardless of discipline.

  • Offer an accessible and supportive community to students in the context of the pandemic. Make use of virtual events and provide a space for discussion of difficulties arising from the current situation.

  • Introduce the PILAS Work in Progress Sessions, which allow students to read and engage with each other’s work in a friendly environment.

  • Develop a wide and easily accessible set of resources for research, teaching, and mental wellbeing. 

  • Continue the PILAS publication initiative in order to incentivise participation, share high-quality research and help postgraduates in their career development.​

Photo: Molly Avery. Street art in Xela (Quetzaltenango).