DECIDED September (Annually)

In 2020, SLAS, in collaboration with the Bulletin of Latin American Research, decided to award an annual BLAR Translation Prize.

- Are you presenting a paper at the SLAS conference (2020)?
- Are you based in Latin America?
- Are you a doctoral student or early career researcher?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, you can submit the full-length version of your SLAS paper to the Bulletin of Latin American Research to be considered for our new Translation Prize!

Papers presented at the SLAS conference will need to be worked up into a full length manuscript in line with BLAR guidelines (maximum = 8000 words) and submitted via the journal webpage by 1st July 2020 making sure to note that is for consideration for the Translation Prize. 


The BLAR editorial team will decide which is the strongest entry (as per the criteria on our journal webpage) by 15th September 2000, and communicate the news. The winning piece will be sent out for external peer review, and if reviewed positively and accepted for publication, the paper will be translated into English (organised by the journal editors).

Any queries please contact BLAR co-editor Dr Jo Crow -