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Sent:                                           02 February 2009 11:50

Subject:                                     SLAS Elections - important!

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SLAS Elections 2009


A large number of posts are coming free in the upcoming elections to the SLAS committee, as well as the Information Officer position. Deadline: 22 February 2009.


Elected Officers:

Serving on the committee is a great opportunity for SLAS members to get involved in the organisation and make a significant contribution to the Latin American Studies community in the UK and beyond. The posts falling vacant are:

         President (2 years, non-renewable)

         Vice-President (2 years, non-renewable)

         Treasurer (1 year in this instance, renewable for 2 years. Post currently held by co-opted member, John Fisher)

         Secretary (2 years, renewable)

         3 Ordinary Members (2 years, renewable)

         3 Ordinary Members (1 year, renewable for 2 years. Posts currently held by co-opted members)

The post as SLAS Information Officer is also falling vacant; the IO is invited to attend the SLAS committee (see below).


All members are eligible to stand for election. Members should fill in this form ( and attached) which requires that they be nominated by two SLAS members and submit it to the Secretary (Adrian Pearce) by 22 February 2009. If more than one candidate stands for a post then on-line hustings and elections will take place on the SLAS website. See the statutes for details here (


Members should note that this large number of vacancies arises in part because elections to the committee were not held last year (2008) and as a consequence the committee co-opted interested SLAS members onto the committee for a period of one year in order to maintain the committee in function. The elections were not advertised directly because (quoting the SLAS AGM Minutes, 2008): "The call for nominations had been clearly advertised on the website well in advance, such that it had not been not felt necessary to contact the membership directly. In the event, this assumption proved over-optimistic since no nominations or even enquiries had been received; therefore, the Committee had decided to co-opt John Fisher (as Treasurer in-post) and Diego Sanchez and Mo Hume (as Ordinary Members) back onto the Committee pending new elections next year."


SLAS Information Officer:

The post of SLAS Information Officer is due for renewal at the SLAS Conference, March 26-27, 2009. The position is open to all SLAS members. This position is enjoyable and not too onerous - taking around three afternoons a month.


The post involves a) compiling and sending a monthly e-letter to members; and b) maintaining and updating the SLAS website (including the PILAS website). It also requires liaison with members, with Wiley-Blackwell (who provide membership services), with the Website Technical Consultant and with the SLAS and PILAS representatives. The post-holder will be co-opted onto the SLAS committee (unless already an member) and will be invited to attend all SLAS Committee meetings.     


Although the current post-holder will explain the basic work, the post requires IT skills, including email and a solid understanding of Dreamweaver. The post also requires a very good level of organisation, good English and Spanish language skills (and ideally Portuguese) and a strong commitment to promoting SLAS in particular and the Latin American Studies community more generally. Most of all, the post requires enthusiasm and a desire to support the work of SLAS.


Those interested in taking up the position should send a short letter of application to the SLAS President, Peter Lambert, setting out their skills and explaining why they would like to take up the post. If the president receives more than one suitable application, then the candidate will be selected by a committee consisting of the President, Vice-President and the current Information Officer.


Applications should be sent by email or mail to Peter Lambert, ( of European Studies and Modern Languages, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY by 22 February 2009.  


Those interested are welcome to contact the current Information Officer Lucy Taylor on 01970 622 701 if they wish to discuss the tasks and workload of the post.  



Dr Lucy Taylor

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