NEW! Conference & Seminar Scheme
SLAS makes available funds amounting to £4,000 annually to support seminars, conferences and other events which promise to be of high quality, to advance the objectives of the Society, and to appeal to a considerable number of its members.

All conferences and events supported must be open to all members of the Society (subject to payment of conference fees). The contribution of the Society to any conference or event must be clearly and publicly acknowledged.

For more information visit the Conference & Seminar Scheme page, here.

UPDATED! Postgraduate Conference Grants
SLAS makes available a total of 8 grants worth up to £500 each (£4,000 total) per year to postgraduate members to assist them to attend major conferences held outside the UK, where all other possibilities for funding have been exhausted. To be eligible, you must be: a member of SLAS; a current research student at a UK university (of any nationality); and giving a paper at the conference. Please note that funds are limited, and that SLAS can only offer a contribution towards expenses; the maximum sum available to each applicant is thus £500.

To apply please fill in the application form available here [Word]. There are TWO annual deadlines for applications: 3 October 2014 and 27 February 2015. SLAS will usually allocate £2000 in each round. Applications referring to conferences to be held within one month of the relevant deadline are ineligible and will be discarded.

Full details can be found here.

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SLAS Annual Conference Website

The SLAS 2015 Annual Conference website is now up and running. For dates, applications and any other information about the conference you can now visit this site (below), as well as looking at the Annual Conference page here.

What is SLAS?

Excellent Research | Multidisciplinarity | Community
Founded in 1964 SLAS is one of the leading Latin American studies organizations in Europe, and a registered charity. We hold an annual conference and publish the Bulletin of Latin American Research (BLAR). We have around 400 members. While most are academics and PhD students, members also include diplomats, journalists, and research analysts from business and non-governmental organisations. More about us...


Here are the reports from the SLAS Officers. They were presented at the AGM which took place on Friday 12th April at the SLAS Conference in Manchester.

The reports describe our activities during the past year and the highlights are set out in the bullet points below. If you have any queries or would like to get more involved in the society, contact the President, Caroline Williams or the secretary, Sarah Bowskill You can view them here.

BLAR Book Series

Some of the most ground-breaking research in Latin American and Caribbean Studies emerges from multidisciplinary and collaborative endeavours which bring together people, ideas and perspectives. The BLAR Book Series provides an ideal space in which this kind of innovative research can be published. The series builds on the established international reputation of the Bulletin of Latin American Research which publishes primary research from a wide range of disciplines in Latin American Studies.

Publications in the BLAR Book Series:

If you are interested in submitting a book proposal, email the BLAR Editorial Assistant Ken Lestrange ( to find out more. For further information on submitting proposals, click here. The editors are Jasmine Gideon, Geoffrey Kantaris, Tony Kapcia, Lucy Taylor, Ann Varley and Matthew Brown.

SLAS 2014, 50th Anniversary Conference

The Society for Latin American Studies held their 2014 annual conference at Birkbeck, University of London. This was the 50th SLAS conference, and the vibrant programme reflected the diversity of Latin American studies today. We welcomed approximately 350 academics to the two-day event.

The conference website which has information on everything to do with the event can be found here:


This year, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary, we had two keynote speakers:

3rd April
Professor Matthew Restall (Penn State University)
Turning Cortés and Moctezuma Upside Down

The first meeting of Cortés and Moctezuma in 1519 is famous and familiar, generally taken to be the act of surrender that the conquistador claimed it was. But what if Moctezuma did not surrender? What if the events of that day, and those that surrounded it, have been depicted in ways that created a false image of the conquistador and emperor? How might our understanding of the entire Spanish Conquest be altered if we turn upside down the stereotypes that comprise the mythical Cortés and Moctezuma? Might our assumptions about all well-known historical moments be thereby challenged?

4th April
Professor Javier Auyero (University of Texas at Austin)
'Towards a political sociology of urban marginality'