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Harold Blakemore Prize

This prize, named for Harold Blakemore (1930-1991), commemorates a scholar described as ‘the British standard-bearer of Latin American studies for a quarter of a century’ (in an obituary by David Fox), who played a key role in the foundation of SLAS in 1964 and throughout its early period. Since 1991, the prize has been awarded to the best essay submitted each year by a postgraduate student in Latin American Studies based at a UK institution. Its monetary value is £600, and the winner is invited by the Editors to submit his or her essay to the Bulletin of Latin American Studies (subject to the usual Editorial procedures).

The single annual deadline for submissions for the Harold Blakemore Prize is 28 February each year.
To enter the competition TWO printed copies of the essay will need to be submited, which should:

A panel of judges for the prize will be appointed by the SLAS Committee, and the winner will be announced at the SLAS Annual Conference. Entries should not have been published, or be under consideration for publication, elsewhere.

Send two copies of the essay to: Dr Eamon McCarthy, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Room 219B Hetherington Building, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8RS.

For any queries, please e-mail:

Previous Winners of the Harold Blakemore Prize

(2017) Alberto P. Marti (University of Nottingham), "Reconcentration Camps and Counter-Insurgency in Latin America: Early Reverberations of the Cuban War of Independence".

(2016) Ailsa Peate (University of Liverpool), “’Travestido, transformado, definitivamente distinto’?: Transgenericidad and Gender Trouble in Leonardo Padura’s Máscaras”

Ailsa Peate & Jens Hentschke (SLAS President) shaking hands on the occasion of her being awarded the Harold Blakemore prize, 2016.

Ailsa Peate & Jens Hentschke (SLAS President) shaking hands on the occasion of her being awarded the Harold Blakemore prize, 2016.

(2015) Desiree Poets (Aberystwyth), 'Who Counts as Ethnic?'

(2014) Barbara Castillo Büttinghausen, ‘The Black Novel and the representation of violence in ‘La oscura memoria de las armas’ by Ramón Díaz Eterovic’

(2013) Rachel Randall, ‘Childhood, movement and play in recent Brazilian and Colombian film: Linha de Passe (2008) and Los colores de la montaña (2010)’

(2012) Nat Morris

(2011) Robbie Macrory (UCL), ‘The Bugle and the Penguins: Democracy and the Media in Argentina’

(2010) Penny MilesBrokering Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Chilean Lawyers and Public Litigation Strategies”.

(2009) Conor Farrington "New Political Spaces and Public Sphere 'Deliberativeness' in Ecuador 1822-2009"

(2008) Michael Kent "The Making of Customary Territories"

(2007) Maria Fernanda Garcia Rincon "Appropriation of public space: politics of exchange and market transactions in Caracas, Venezuela"

(2006) Gabriel Paquette "Consulados, Economic Societies and State-Society Synergy in the Spanish Empire, c. 1760-1800"

(2005) Into Goudsmit "Praying for Government: Peasant Disengagement with the Bolivian State"

(2005) Ariadna Acevedo Rodrigo "Playing the Tune of Citizenship: Indian Brass Bands in the Sierra Norte de Puebla, Mexico, 1876-1911"

(2004) Sean W Burges "Without Sticks or Carrots: Brazilian Leadership in South America During the Cardoso Era, 1992-2003"

(2003) Michael Goebel "Nation Revisited: Argentine Historical Revisionism and Peronism"

(2002) Nicola Foote "Rethinking Race, Gender and Citizenship: Black West Indian Women in Costa Rica, c. 1920-1940"

The JISLAC Essay Prize

The JISLAC essay prize was an annual essay competition for postdoctoral scholars, linked to the Joint Initiative for the Study of Latin American and the Caribbean (JISLAC). The winner in 2008 was Gabriel Paquette with his essay "Jose da Silva Lisboa and the Vicissitudes of Enlightened Reform in Brazil".

BLAR Article Prize

In 2016, SLAS, in collaboration with the Bulletin of Latin American Research, decided to award an annual BLAR Article Prize of £200 for the most distinguished article published during the previous calendar year.

The BLAR Article Prize will be decided in February each year from 2019 onwards, so that it can be announced at the annual SLAS conference in April.

Past winners