Conference and Seminar Scheme*

DEADLINE 15 October (annually)

SLAS makes available funds amounting to approximately £4,000 annually to support seminars, conferences and other events which promise to be of high quality, to advance the objectives of the Society, and to appeal to a considerable number of its members.

All conferences and events supported must be open to all members of the Society (subject to payment of conference fees). The contribution of the Society to any conference or event must be clearly and publicly acknowledged.

Recipients are required to provide a copy of the event programme including details of the papers delivered and a 500 word report which may be used on the SLAS website.

One-day workshop £500
Conference lasting more than one day £1000
Seminar series (separate events held over one academic year, at one institution.) £500
Other events Please contact the SLAS Secretary for advice

To apply, please fill in the application form available here [Word], and send it by email to the SLAS Secretary, Dr Eamon McCarthy, PLEASE NOTE: ALL claims and paperwork must be submitted by the end of October.

There is a single annual deadline for this scheme is 15 October. SLAS will not consider applications for events held within one month of the deadline for submission of applications. Applications arriving after the deadline will not be considered under any circumstances.

Please note that successful applicants must pay the costs associated with their conference or event in advance, and will be reimbursed by SLAS up to the amount of the award. To be reimbursed the conference or event accounts must be submitted to the SLAS Treasurer.

Assessment Criteria

*Formerly known as the Conference and Events Grant.




Nicola Miller (UCL)
Classical Traditions in Latin American History”, The Warburg Institute, London
18-19 May 2016

Joanna Page (Cambridge)
Science and Culture in Theories and Histories : Latin America, France and Anglophone World”, University of Cambridge
2-3 July 2016


Valentino Gianuzzi (Manchester)
“Mediator of Cultures: Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and His Heritage” John Rylands Library, Manchester
16 May 2016

Jasmine Gideon (London)
‘Living with Lifelong Exile: Reflections on the Chilean Case
', Birkbeck College, London
23 January 2016
Report [PDF]

Monica Greco (Goldsmith)
“Connected Histories of Neoliberalization”
17 October 2016
Report [Word]

Ricki O'Rawe (QUB)


Alexander Curry (London)
"An Insiders View of Non-State Armed Actors: political violence, crime and state formation in Latin America"
Report [PDF]



Lara Demori (Edinburgh)
'Possibilities of Exchange: Experiments in Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art', Edinburgh College of Art and The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
13-14 May 2015

Dunja Fehimovic, Rebecca Ogden, Par Kumaraswami (co-convenors) (Cambridge and Reading)
Branding Latin America, University of Cambridge
8-9 April 2015

Prof Linda Newson and Dr Malayna Raftopoulos (Institute of Latin American Studies )
‘Climate Change and Human Rights in Latin America', University of London
25 March 2015


Michela Coletta (Warwick)
“Education, cultural literacy and collective memory in Latin America”, University of London
07 May 2015



Rosa Andújar (UCL)
'Greeks and Romans on the Latin American Stage'


Geoffrey Maguire, (Cambridge)
The Figure of the Child in Contemporary Latin American Visual Cultures

Rebecca Jarman (Cambridge)
‘The Politics of Aesthetics...'

James Scorer (Manchester)
‘Visualising Latin American Antiquities

Tony Kapcia (Nottingham)
‘Hennessy Special Session’

Cornelia Grabner (Lancaster)
‘Solidarity in the 21st Century’

Malayna Raftopolous and Michela Coletta (Institute of Latin American Studies)
'Environmental Debates and Policies in Latin America'



William Booth
An event convened by the Radical Americas Network, UCL

Sandra Brunnegger
‘Latin American Utopian Visions: A Critical Look for the 21st Century’, Cambridge

Paulo Drinot (UCL)
An event on the Velasco period in Peru


Nina Laurie (Newcastle)
‘Volunteering in Latin America: encounter, development and global citizenship’

Charlotte Hammond Matthews (Edinburgh)
‘One Region, Many Peoples: An Interdisciplinary Seminar Series on Race in Latin America’



Sarah Barrow (Lincoln)
‘Reframing the National in Hispanic Film’

Andrés Villar, Carmen Sepúlveda, and Tomás Undurraga
‘Chile’s Winter of Discontent: The Breakdown of a paradigm in Latin America?’, Institute for the Study of the Americas


Deborah Toner
‘Economic Liberalism in the Americas’, Institute for the Study of the Americas

Stephen Hart
An event titled ‘Science-Politics-Art: Re-Visioning César Vallejo’


Catherine Davies (Nottingham)
‘Women in Latin American Independence: History, Society, Culture’, Institute for the Study of the Americas


Charlotte Gleghorn
Seminar series titled ‘Identities in Flux: Critical Perspectives on Latin America’, Royal Holloway



Stephen Hart (UCL)
'Science, Politics, Art: Re-visioning Cesar Vallejo in the 21st Century', University College London
17 March 2012
Report [PDF]

Iona Macintyre (Edinburgh)
‘Conversation with Andrés Neuman’, University of Edinburgh
23 March 2012
Report [PDF]


Cara Levey (Leeds) and Dan Ozarow (Middlesex)
‘Crisis and Recovery: One Decade on from the Argentinazo 2001-2011’, Institute for the Study of the Americas


Fionnghuala Sweeney (Liverpool)
‘Afromodernisms 2: What’s Really New: Blackness and Atlantic Modernism, 1907-61’


Frank Eissa-Barroso and Ainara Vasquez (Warwick)
‘Spanish America in the Early Eighteenth Century: New Perspectives on a Forgotten Era’


Laura Glanc (Essex) and Kirsten Howarth (Manchester)
‘Understanding Violence in Latin America’, Manchester

Department of Politics (University of Glasgow)
‘Transnational and Regional Challenges in Latin America

Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies & Global Urban Research Centre, University of Manchester, and Departments of Hispanic Studies & Politics, University of Sheffield
joint seminar titled ‘Moving Through and Beyond Latin America


Cornelia Grabner (Lancaster)
‘Community and Activism: The Zapatistas and the other campaign’



Sandra Brunnegger (University of Cambridge)
‘Legal Subjectivity, Popular / Community Justice and Human Rights in Latin America
22-23 January 2010.

Hazel Marsh (University of East Anglia)
Mi pueblo me hace cantar: Latin American New Song: A Contemporary Perspective
16-17 April 2010.


Fionnghuala Sweeney (University of Liverpool)
Afromodernisms 1: Re-encounters with the French and Anglo-Atlantic Worlds, 1907-61
15-17 April 2010.

Ame Berges (Institute for the Study of the America)
The Historical Roots of Social Exclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean
24-25 June 2010.

Sara Motta (University of Nottingham)
‘The Pink Tide: Reconfiguring Politics, Power and Political Economy in the Americas?
22-24 January 2010.


Andrea Cadelo and Francisco A. Eissa-Barroso
Beyond Modernity. How are we writing the political history of the Spanish world in the Middle Period, ca. 1750-1850?
7 March 2009, University of Warwick.