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AGM 2016

SLAS President’s AGM Report
Jens R Hentschke (Newcastle) at Liverpool University in April 2016

A very warm welcome to the AGM, during which the SLAS President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and the BLAR coordinating editor always report about key aspects of our work over the past year.

For me, this is my first report as president, and I would like to thank, once again, my predecessor, Caroline Williams, for her sterling work and continuous support.

The annual conference is the high point in SLAS’s calendar. I would like to use this opportunity to thank again Patience Schell and her team at Aberdeen for making SLAS2015 such a successful and enjoyable event.

This year we have returned to the University of Liverpool, which organised several conferences in the past, always with great success, and I still remember well the 1994 meeting, which was the first I ever attended after moving to the UK as a young academic. 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of Liverpool’s Centre for Latin American Studies, and it is therefore, as the organisers highlight, an appropriate moment to reflect on how we can reposition Area Studies in a fast-changing world and an equally dynamic UK academic landscape, but remain true to our mission of building bridges of communication and intellectual exchange. The keynote speakers have shown very impressively both the challenges to the study of Latin America in Europe and the region’s agency. Several of the 33 panels and 150 papers presented at this conference very explicitly address the theme and explore, for instance, the links between global history and area studies, past and future field work, socio-cultural and environmental studies, indigenous worlds and the framing of national Law, and alternative pedagogies on both sides of the Atlantic. On behalf of SLAS, I would like to congratulate colleagues at Liverpool on their anniversary and thank the organising committee for all their hard work to make SLAS2016 such an excellent conference.

It is one of the President’s responsibilities to find venues for future conferences. I can announce that next year we will meet at Glasgow, where Mo Hume and Eamon McCarthy are already well advanced in their preparations. Moreover, we have received declarations of interest from Southampton and Leicester to host the event in 2018 and 2019, respectively. SLAS would like to thank colleagues for their commitment. More

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